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TEAM BUILDING in uzbekistan


why Team building

At Silk&MICE we believe that event in the digital age, a strong team remains to be at the core of every business. Our specially designed team building activities facilitate team motivation, promote better communication between team members, increase overall team effectiveness and simply make work an enjoyable place. What is more, our activities may help management get to know the strengths of their employees better and organize teams more effectively through this knowledge.
Our programs, whether it be physical or mental challenges, indoor or outdoor events, cultural or leisure experiences in Uzbekistan, will create a health competitive spirit within team member but are at the same time facilitated with a lot of fun. We welcome you to get introduced with some of our programs below. Our event managers are constantly in search of new ideas for fascinating events. We will be constantly updating our list of events on our website.

Our programs

pottery workshop

Plunge yourself into unique cultural experience – participate in pottery workshop and make your own jug.

Distinctive applied arts of Uzbekistan will conquer the heart of any traveller. Pottery has its own unique role. You can witness Uzbek people’s unique creative essence reflected in the best work of art pottery through its expressiveness and laconism. Bukhara glassware, Gijduvan and Rishtan ceramics, numerous unique clay figures are decorated with traditional ornaments and distinctive patterns reflecting the warm hospitality and culture of Uzbek people. Experience the authentic cultural experience during the participation in pottery workshop in Uzbekistan!

Special skills: trains creativity, releaes stress,  facilitates communication among other “potters, express individuality within the team, improve health competition

Duration: 2-3 hours

Facilitated services: lunch/dinner, guide services, transportation

polov challenge

Surprise yourself and your mates, indulge yourself into the splendour of the eastern spices and delicious food.

Exclusively for gourmets and connoisseurs of delicious food, Silk&MICE offers you to roll up your sleeves and set to master class on Uzbek plov. Uzbek plov has 12 varieties and each has its exclusive taste and way of preparation. Did you know that peas, garlic, barberries, quince, dried apricot and raisins? No? In that case, grant yourself a pleasue and set yourself to gastronomic paradise called Master class on Uzbek Plov. Master Class on Uzbek Plov is a must-do activity during your Uzbekistan incentive tour. We will offer you other numerous exciting incentive ideas and events in Uzbekistan, which you will never forget! Experience the real oriental fairy tale during our master class on Uzbek plov!

Special skills: trains team work, promotes healthy competition among teams, cultural experience, creativity and focus

Duration: 4-5 hours

Facilitated services: dinner, traditional music and dance show, guide services, transportation


Join our Aydarkul Lake tour to experience a unique natural wonder – a lake in the desert!

You will be inspired with the beauty of nature around the lake. You will enjoy the speciousness of the desert and mirror-alike surfaces of the water; you will also have some fishing activities in Aydarkul Lake. This is one of the most beloved adventure holiday spots among Uzbekistan visitors. During the warm periods, you can enjoy the sandy beach and swim in the salty waters of the lake. Aydarkul Lake is the real desert gem fascinating its guests with its natural landscapes and wildlife. In the early spring and autumn you have a chance watch a large amount of birds flying over during their transmigration; you will enjoy the overnight stay in yurt camps near the lake, and feel yourself as a nomad in the desert, as well as beautiful starts by the fire with live music.


Don’t miss our Uzbekistan shopping experience! Uzbekistan used to be in the crossroads of the Great Silk Road, where trading and bargaining were boiling

Trading is in the heart of every Uzbek. This is seemingly reflected in the bazaars and markets of Uzbekistan. You will be able to purchase anything at local markets. From cheap local snacks and fresh organic fruits, artwork, handicraft and souvenirs, to casual and luxury fashion brands. There are a large number of major bazaars and shopping spots in Tashkent to choose from. Therefore, hours of exciting shopping and bargaining experience is waiting for you! Test your bargaining skills, enjoy the sightseeing and local culture, sounds of trades, and genuine handmade handicraft to please your friends and loved ones. It is a lively, colourful, exciting bazar experience where one may find almost anything! Beautiful fabrics, pottery, spices, a fresh market, baskets….

chaikhana experience

Plunge yourself into genuine lifestyle of Uzbek people, visit traditional teahouses – chaikhana.

Follow the steps of Khodja Nasreddin and visit authentically oriental café – chaikhana, the place which for centuries unites people to quench the thirst and taste a delicious food, as well as communicate. There is always noisy in arguments and cheerful debates about the latest news in the city. For gourmets, our chefs will teach you how to cook Uzbek plov, explain you how to use spices and choose the right ingridients. Uzbek chaikhana is a must-visit spot during your Uzbekistan incentive tour. We will offer you other numerous exciting incentive ideas and events in Uzbekistan, which you will never forget!

Camping in nomad yurts

Silk&MICE offers a unique exotic experience in Uzbekistan! Travel to Uzbekistan off the beaten track beyond the historical cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, away from civilization to the desert steppes and stay in authentic yurt camps. This will make your travel experience complete.

Back many centuries ago wonderers and shepherds used to stay in “yurta”s. A yurt is a tent-like structure with wooden frames and walls made of animal skins or furs. It is an icon of desert nomad traditions. Staying and resting in yurt camps is an unforgettable adventure. You will spend evening by the fire with traditional live music performed by local “akyn”, watch the sunrise and ride a camel around the campsite.